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"@DeplorableCBTP: "In my mind, #DonaldTrump is the only way out of this mess." - #PhilRobertson of TV's #DuckDynasty" Thank you Phil!
The only #DonaldTrump gif you need
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Putting #DonaldTrump in charge of the national security state is like giving a toddler a Glock. Oh wait, we do that.
HRC: "It's good that someone w/ the temperament of #DonaldTrump is not in charge of the law in our country."
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Ohio man says he voted for #DonaldTrump because of "God and country." #ElectionDay
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.@FifthHarmony's @LaurenJauregui blasts #DonaldTrump over #DACA decision: "You disgust me"
President-elect Donald Trump is named TIME Magazine's 'Person of the Year' for 2016. #DonaldTrump
Here’s what President #DonaldTrump has accomplished during his first week in office.
Everyone Considering Voting For #DonaldTrump Should See This Brutal Video

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