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Well #Dispatches was an absolute embarrassment. If you're going to do a hatchet job and find nothing, why bother broadcasting it
The Tories have created housing chaos, under their watch rough sleeping has doubled & homelessness is up by a third since 2010 #Dispatches
House prices are now almost seven times people’s incomes meaning home ownership is simply out of reach for the many #Dispatches
Labour offers the solutions to end the housing crisis. We'll build a million new homes in 5 yrs when we form the next government #Dispatches
Under this Conservative Government there are 200k fewer homeowners since 2010. The lowest rate of home ownership in a generation #Dispatches
The Conservatives have presided over the lowest levels of house building in peacetime since the 1920s #Dispatches
We will build a million new homes in five years through our strategy of investing £500 billion in our economy #Dispatches
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