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'I don't look like a vegan?' 🤔

@Pritchardswyd in #DirtyVegan
Tonight - 7.30pm BBC One Wales
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5 vegan food substitutes from the #DirtyVegan series.

📺 Continues, Monday 7.30pm @BBCOne Wales
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🧁 Here's how those #DirtyVegan cupcakes went down with the WI judges...
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Can @pritchardswyd's #vegan paella impress the @Scarlets_Ladies?

📺 Tonight, 7.30pm @BBCOne Wales
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Thank you for watching #DirtyVegan on BBC One Wales!

Got a question for @pritchardswyd? He's here right now.
#DirtyVegan question from @gemini_mel:
Will you be doing another series-and if so, will it be on national tv?
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Can @pritchardswyd get an A* with his vegan fried breakfast?

📺Tonight, 7.30pm @BBCOne Wales
Missed @pritchardswyd and his vegan challenges?

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