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Ride along with 5x #DAYTONASX champ @RickyCarmichael​ as he takes a lap on the course he designed for tnght's races!
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Check out this #DAYTONASX ride-along with @RickyCarmichael with live telemetry!
Let the transformation begin! #DAYTONASX
We're down to only 1 week until the high-flying action of #DAYTONASX is back!
Take a lap around the 2016 #DAYTONASX course designed by @RickyCarmichael with the GOAT himself!
.@elitomac takes 450SX heat 2! #DAYTONASX
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Thank you to all the fans and supercross riders who came out for this year's @rcsxdaytona! #RCSX #DAYTONASX
.@RickyCarmichael working the #DAYTONASX course for Media Day.
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How do we transform @DISupdates after #DAYTONA500 into the @RickyCarmichael designed #DAYTONASX course? Find out!
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