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Hockey men can, not cricketers? #CricketersForgetBraves
I expected players would stand there and observe at least a min’s silence: Col (Retd) V N Thappar, Father of Martyr #CricketersForgetBraves
The killing of 6 policemen doesn’t mean anything to you? Maj Gen (Retd) GD Bakshi asks Indian cricketers #CricketersForgetBraves
Could not Kohli and company borrowed a page from the Hockey players and worn a black arm band? #CricketersForgetBraves
Why couldn’t Indian cricketers wear black armbands in their match against Pakistan? Call us on 022-24990594/596/598 #CricketersForgetBraves
It's a mistake on the part of BCCI & COA: Bimal Soni on cricketers not wearing black armbands in match against Pak #CricketersForgetBraves
Sources: Indian cricket team open to playing with black armbands to show solidarity with soldiers, but BCCI not #CricketersForgetBraves
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