The Indian team is no less patriotic than anyone :Madhuresh Kumar #CricketersForgetBraves
If Indian cricket team didn’t do it, doesn’t mean they disrespect the Forces: Madhuresh Kumar, Social Activist #CricketersForgetBraves
If BCCI wants to compensate, it should arrange a charity match for the family of the martyrs: Dr Bimal Soni #CricketersForgetBraves
Please don’t blame the cricketers: Bimal Soni #CricketersForgetBraves
I can say, all cricketers are as much patriotic as others: Bimal Soni #CricketersForgetBraves
Hockey team did the right thing by putting black bands: Bimal Soni, Fmr Manager, Indian Cricket Team #CricketersForgetBraves
We don’t know, who’s exactly to be blamed, whether the team or the Board? Asks Sumanth C Raman #CricketersForgetBraves
Was the cricket team aware about the hockey team’s gesture to honor the braves? Asks Sumanth C Raman #CricketersForgetBraves
Sport is meant for encouraging peace :Dr Dinesh Varshney, Leader, CPI #CricketersForgetBraves
Valour of the Army shouldn’t be politicised: Dinesh Varshney #CricketersForgetBraves
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