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Dear @theresa_may What exactly did you mean when you told @jeremycorbyn in Parliament “We will never let you rule”? #Labour #Tory #Corbyn
The most reviled ugly man in the world joins the kick- in at #Corbyn You join him if you want, I #StandUp4Corbyn
Facinating to compare US Democratic primary rigging & UK Labour's leadership primary rigging which is big news now in UK. #DNCLeak #Corbyn
He #Corbyn is standing strong. Determined. Ready. Everyone stand with him. #WithCorbyn
Look: This is NOT about anti-Semitism this is about #Corbyn They are trying to break him, as a man. #Labour #AntiSemitism
I stand with #Palestine I have done since 1975. I’m not going to stop now. Whatever @UKLabour NEC decides. #Gaza #Labour #Corbyn
#Corbyn coup is a forced move for Blairites. #Chilcot on July 6. MPs who pushed Iraq war face ruin and risk charges if leader talks it up.
#Corbyn vote exclusion Court of Appeal judge Philip Sales was Blair insider for years &
Jesus Christ, how many people were in the sodding shadow cabinet in the first place?! Who knew there were so many people to resign? #Corbyn
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