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This is what I imagine #Whitney is thinking as she realizes #Chris is about to propose. #legallyblonde @BachelorABC
With #chris @coldplay bientot sur @NRJhitmusiconly thanks my friend
Actually, nice one #Chris "Will you take council?" That's a good line, nice work & just what was needed
Britt's Wet-n-Wild fuschia lipstick? $1.99 The looks on the ladies' faces when they realize #Chris sent her home? Priceless. @BachelorABC
#Chris Hani’s grave will be declared a Heritage Site. President Zuma is expected to make the announcement later this morning. #KnowMore
Ireland's George Dockrell dismisses #Chris Gayle and #Marlon Samuels and West Indies are 78-4 from 21.4. #CWC latest:
#Chris Ngige is Nigeria's new Minister of Labour & Employment @MBuhari
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