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If he murdered because he saw two men kiss, I say: find someone to kiss. #ChooseLove
sending kisses to you all xx an amazing tour with my @Revlon Kiss Balm in Tropical Coconut #chooselove #ad
After a few weeks of unimaginable tragedy, @TheLastLeg​ offer a message of hope.

#ChooseLove #TheLastLeg
Why are we so quick to betray each other? :( #ChooseLove #Forgive xo
To you I would say you are discovering who you are! Be humble, have fun and #chooseLove at any cost! #LoveWins xo
No time for a salon manicure this summer? Use @Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy+Diamond Top Coat instead #ChooseLove #ad
LOOK: Dolce Amore stars LizQuen on stage now. Shared sneak peek of their newly shot Italy scenes. #ChooseLove
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