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Police sources: At least two were involved in the shooting incident. #Paris #ChampsElysees
If you're in #Paris, monitor local news. #ChampsElysées has been closed. Authorities are telling people to avoid the area after a shooting
#Paris Police: One police officer killed along with attacker on #ChampsElysees - Report.
As reports come in about the #ChampsElysees shooting in Paris, remember:
Shocked by the terrible news from #Paris. Our thoughts are with the victims. We stand in solidarity with France. #ChampsElysees
#BreakingNews - One policeman killed, one wounded in shootout in #Paris. #ChampsElysees
Germany-France border control enforced after #ChampsElysees attack on Paris police
Failed terrorist attack on #ChampsElysees #Paris. Terrorist shot! In the terrorist car: 2 guns, 1 AK47 & gas bottle!
URGENT: French police establish cordon on #ChampsElysees as car crashes into police van
CORRECTION: 1 police officer killed, 2 injured French Interior Ministry #ChampsElysees
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