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Police violence against citizens in #Catalonia is shocking. The Spanish government must act to end it now.
The Spanish crackdown on inconvenient speech, politics, and assembly in #Catalonia is a violation of human rights.
VIDEO: Peaceful voters sing--and are then attacked by Spanish police in today's independence referendum #Catalonia
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#Spain has a decision on their hands: respect the democratic vote of #Catalonia or face a massive debt crisis
Under Spanish Constitution, vote in #Catalonia was not legal. As @JunckerEU reiterated: internal matter to be dealt in line w/ Const. order.
Spanish police fire rubber bullets at voters today in the #CatalanReferendum. #1o #Catalonia #Cataluyna
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Julian Assange Told Young Catalans What Chat Apps To Use To Avoid Spanish Authorities #catalonia #1o #Catalunya
Last call by @eucopresident Tusk before EU summit will be to Rajoy; still option to put #Catalonia on #EUCO agenda, says EU official.
This is the most idiotic declaration of Independence ever. Catalans will pay a heavy price for voting for these populists.
We'll definitely talk about #Catalonia even though it's not formally on summit agenda, acknowledges Luxembourg's @Xavier_Bettel. #euco
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