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For those who want to help the victims of the #CaliforniaWildfires — here are 8 things you can do right now:
These firefighters are beasts. Tireless, commited, and brave. God bless them every one. #CaliforniaWildfires
#CaliforniaWildfires disaster declaration is a positive step, yet more is necessary. Families need support to rebuild & heal.
#CaliforniaWildfires update: 23 now dead; 30mph wind spread blazes across Wine Country.
NEW: Red Flag Warning now includes the Santa Cruz Mountains. #CAwx #CaliforniaWildfires #NorthBayFires
As the #Californiawildfires continue, please consider donating to those who have been displaced or hurt:
Remain in awe of firefighters battling the fires in CA. You remind us of what we love so much about our communities! #CaliforniaWildfires
Odin the brave sheep dog survives #CaliforniaWildfires after refusing to abandon his goats
"We all come together, we help one another, in a tragedy like this." #CaliforniaWildfires
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