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No, this is not a tornado. The Carr Fire in Shasta County created this rotation updraft. #CarrFire #California
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#California in a golden state just before sunrise. #GoodMorning from @space_station! #YearInSpace
#California is unarguably beautiful from space. Been enjoying its spoils here on Earth last couple days.
Layers of mountains & gradients of color make for a perfect sunset @SequoiaKingsNPS. Pic by Aaron Chen #California
Steve Bannon falsely claimed he was living in #Florida to avoid #California taxes on his $1.1M+ income. #LockHimUp
#California preschool closing, after parents say kids regularly engaged in oral sex w/ each other during nap time:
BREAKING: Tallest US dam in #California might collapse, immediate #evacuation ordered – sheriff #OrovilleDam
Did you catch last night’s #supermoon 🌕? Here’s a glimpse from Cronan Ranch #California
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