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A 10-year-old dog named Fred in #Britain “adopts” 9 orphaned ducklings after their mother suddenly disappeared
The #EU really doesn't need #Britain as much as we need them, says Sky's @lewis_goodall
A #Turkish friend tells me "now #Britain knows how we feel: one half of population hijacking the future and destroying the country" #EUref
‘What are you doing to help #Syria?’ #Russia hits back at #Britain during heated UN session
Horrific sexual assault: 17yo was attacked 3 times in 1 hour on her way home in #Britain

#Britain BANS tests on animals for finished household products: #StopAnimalTests
How bad does #Yemen need to get before #Britain stops selling weapons to Saudi? (VIDEO)
ICYMI: #Britain BANNED animal tests 4 finished household products

RT if u want US to be next!
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