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Let’s go down The Winchester and wait for all this to blow over!

#Brexit #BrexitVote #BrexitDebate
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UK: Never before in history has the House of Commons voted down a government bill by such a large margin. #BrexitVote #BrexitDebate #Brexit
Ken Clarke says he will be voting with his conscience in his decision to vote against Article 50 #BrexitDebate
#BrexitDebate - an argument about which foot we should shoot ourselves in.
Watching the #BrexitDebate on @channel5_tv

Negativity breads negativity

Stop sulking and let's move forward as we live in a great country
You know it's an all-nighter when Kenneth Clarke's tie does this
.@theresa_may closes the #BrexitDebate by outlining why her #BrexitDeal is best. Do you agree?
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This could be the dullest episode of Blind Date ever #brexitdebate
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