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#BREAKINGNEWS 750,000 now gathered in downtown for Women's March Los Angeles, organizers say
Recce Squad arrives at 14 Riverside following an explosion and heavy gunfire in the area #BreakingNews
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Leicester City confirm new manager. #breakingnews #Leicester
BREAKING NEWS: Recce squad evacuating civilians from buildings in 14 Riverside #BreakingNews
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Students and administrators from the University of Nairobi be evacuated from the premises #BreakingNews
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BREAKING NEWS: More Recce Squad officers making their way into buildings in 14 Riverside #BreakingNews
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#BREAKINGNEWS 8.0 earthquake strikes near coast of Chiapas, Mexico
#BREAKINGNEWS OJ Simpson released on parole at 12:08am after 9 years in prison.
So it begins: When you're in hot water domestically, join a war abroad… #BreakingNews
Recce Squad evacuating civilians from buildings in 14 Riverside, Nairobi #BreakingNews
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