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#BearsEars would be 1st ever #NativeAmerican National Monument. Join me & support the effort to…
.@Patagonia doesn't want #MonumentsForAll, they just want your money #BearsEars
Shrinking #BearsEars would be a direct affront to tribes who worked tirelessly to protect their cultural heritage for future generations.
We must keep our #publiclands in public hands. @POTUS’ order is a threat to cherished monuments like #BearsEars #OMDP4NM #RioGrandedelNorte
I'm standing up against Pres Trump's EO that puts our National Monuments like #OMDP #RGDN & #BearsEars at risk. #MonumentsForAll
We must stand together to protect #BearsEars & all national monuments threatened by @POTUS EO. #MonumentsForAll #KeepItPublic
Trump Admin's move to reduce #BearsEars is an affront to sovereign tribal nations who worked to protect heritage.
(1/2) Zinke's decision for #BearsEars is bad news for Calif. monuments. We won't let Trump take our monuments away.
Utah: Thousands Protest Trump Plans to Scale Back National Monuments #BearsEars
The #BearsEars report released today confirms that President Obama abused the Antiquities Act and bolsters the case for permanent reform.
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