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ABP News
abpresults l uttar pradesh leads trends 403 403 at 10 30 am bjp 295 sp 74 bsp 25 others 9 upelection2017
#ABPResults l Uttar Pradesh (leads/trends) 403/403 at 10:30 am
#BJP+ 295
#SP+ 74
#BSP 25
Others 9 #UPElection2017
Sanjay Jha
the acronym is up but under bjp sp and bsp india s largest state has only gone down 27saalupbehal
The acronym is UP, but under #BJP, #SP and #BSP , India's largest state has only gone DOWN. #27SaalUPBehal
Business Standard
ec gives bsp clean chit in rs 104 crore scrapped notes deposit case
EC gives #BSP clean chit in Rs 104 crore scrapped notes deposit case
Sanjay Jha
in 27 yrs bjp has been a monumental failure sp an egregious embarrassment and bsp a non starter bring incindia
In 27 yrs, #BJP has been a monumental failure, #SP an egregious embarrassment and #BSP a non-starter. Bring @INCIndia back. #27SaalUPBehal
ABP News
@abpnewstv 11 months
watch live bsp chief mayawati on bharat bandh
WATCH LIVE: #BSP Chief #Mayawati on Bharat Bandh
ABP News
@abpnewstv 6 months
mayawati sets alliance terms want respectable share of seats else bsp to content elections alone
#Mayawati sets alliance terms: 'Want respectable share of seats, else #BSP to content elections alone'
India Today
high profile sex racket busted from up official s house bsp leader arrested
High-profile sex racket busted from #UP official's house, #BSP leader arrested
ABP News
bjp emerges as single largest party in abpexitpoll upelection2017 bjp 164 176 seats sp 156 169 seats bsp 60 72
#BJP emerges as single largest party in #ABPExitPoll - #UPElection2017
#BJP 164-176 SEATS
#SP -156-169 SEATS
#BSP 60-72 SEATS
ABP News
bsp to move court against evm fraud and launch country wide agitation mayawati pti
#BSP to move court against "EVM fraud" and launch country-wide agitation: #Mayawati. (PTI)
Times of India
two bsp leaders held on rape charges
Two #BSP leaders held on rape charges
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