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Follow & RT to stand a chance to get ONE FULL #BITCOIN if $BTC goes to US$10,000 in 2017.
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NO we do not currently accept #Bitcoin pls stop asking us lol
GREED drove #Bitcoin to $20,000.

FEAR (of collapsing fiat money worldwide) will drive it to $100,000.
Buckle in because this is the biggest #bitcoin news of the year, says @BKBrianKelly
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#Litecoin founder Charlie Lee (@SatoshiLite) explains what will drive #Bitcoin and other #cryptos higher $LTC
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TD Ameritrade just went full #crypto. @SteveQuirk_TDA lays out what that means for #bitcoin investors.
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Australian Craig Wright identifies himself as #Bitcoin creator, ending years of speculation
POLL: Which side of the bitcoin civil war are you on: #Bitcoin or #BitcoinCash?
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