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We're so happy to have you back again, @BTS_twt ❤️ #BTS_BBMAs #BBMAs
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📸 BTS on the #BBMAs carpet 📸
We were not ready for this! #BBMAs

User: @BTS_twt at #BBMAs rehearsal 🙊 #BTS_BBMAs
#BBMAs 05.20 ON NBC
_User: @BTS_twt /CONFIRMED
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We are honored to be nominated again for the 2018 @BBMAs! Don't miss the show, LIVE May 20th on NBC. #BBMAs
BTS ARMY, RT to vote for @BTS_twt at the #BBMAs

<category /Top Social Artist presented by @23andMe>

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The award for Top Social Artist presented by @23andMe goes to... @BTS_twt! #BBMAs
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Ok I’ll stop fangirling for @BTS_twt but first this pic...and more on my instagram tomorrow! #BBMAs
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