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Our next question comes as eight leaders are jailed amid the ongoing Catalan crisis #bbcqt
.@akalamusic says that Brexit was about 'British nationalism' #bbcqt
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#BBCQT gave UKIP a spot tonight even though they don’t have an MP - RT if you want them to #InviteTheGreens next time
''I get very annoyed!''

This audience member says Scotland should be better respected #bbcqt
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I have to tell Theresa May that there is a magic money tree. She knowingly used it to fund £435bn of QE to bail out banks #bbcqt
Kudos to the young woman who expressed surprise so many in #bbcqt audience are obsessed with genocide
Labour is asking corporations to pay a bit more to build a better society which delivers #ForTheMany. #BBCQT #GE2017
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President of USA has just quit a crucial global climate treaty & all our PM has to say is she had a chat on phone. Weak. Weak. Weak. #BBCQT
I'm worried when leaders would press a nuclear button and mass incinerate millions of innocent people, not when they wouldn't #BBCQT
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