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Here's something we may actually be biased about - we reckon this is a pretty good deal. #BBC
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#BBC statement on what happened @WhiteHouse today when we were barred from press briefing given by @seanspicer
#ballin #bbc obsessed with @noahcyrus look today! @Pharrell
Did Alan Shearer never miss a chance? He's going on at Rooney like a lunatic for one sharp chance squandered. Unfair. #ENGvITA #BBC
'Twitter erupts as #BBC struggle to keep #ToryElectionFraud under wraps until after May elections'
This is happening in London. Not a peep from any broadcaster or paper. Why? RT @mcc_ss: #BBC aren't reporting this
Radio 1 DJ earns double the amount of the General in charge of the British Army. And some STILL don't get how offensive this all is #bbc
How the #BBC works to make Scotland literally appear less significant: "The BBC Versus Reality".
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