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Sam Cristoforetti
fascinated by the almost martian landscape as we flew over algeria to the mediterrean helloearth futura42
Fascinated by the almost Martian landscape as we flew over #Algeria to the Mediterrean. #HelloEarth #Futura42
Piers Morgan
another plane disaster that s three in a week amp mh370 still missing scary times in the air algeria taiwan uk
Another plane disaster? That's three in a week & MH370 still missing. Scary times in the air. #Algeria #Taiwan #Ukraine #Malaysia
Najwa Karam
constantine algeria
Constantine - #Algeria
teleSUR English
there are more than 1000 cuban doctors in algeria as part of the medical agreements with cuba
There are more than 1,000 Cuban doctors in #Algeria as part of the medical agreements with #Cuba
Terry Virts
where africa meets europe morocco and algeria across the mediterranean from spain
where Africa meets Europe - #Morocco and #Algeria across the Mediterranean from #Spain
Najwa Karam
nko tonight s look from oran algeria
Tonight's look from Oran #Algeria
rio2016 teams 1 2 algeria
#Rio2016 teams (1/2)
Huffington Post UK
breaking air algeria loses contact with passenger plane ah5017
BREAKING: Air #Algeria 'loses contact with passenger plane' #AH5017
Sam Cristoforetti
flying over the algeria desert is always a treat for the eyes helloearth
Flying over the #Algeria desert is always a treat for the eyes! #HelloEarth
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