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Cut through the noise of #SocialMedia with @Sprinklr @Pinterest and @Sofi, Tuesday 2pm at @AdvertisingWeek #AWXII
Disrupt Marketing with the Experts: @jalehbisharat @scottrinnyc @IgnitionOneJB @aretraasdahl @openx #AWXII
Ready to Disrupt Marketing? Join @RokuPlayer @Tapad @OpenX @IgnitionOne @eventbrite tomorrow @AdvertisingWeek #AWXII
"From a basement to a billion, that's where we are going." @mr_seanclark Co-Founder & CRO of @shoesdotcom #AWXII
Seth Godin: 'The Person Who Fails the Most Wins' by @lauraentis #AWXII
.@Machiz leads a panel of #SocialMedia experts @iheartflooz @ThomasButta @EvangeliaPSmith tomorrow at 2pm #AWXII
.@skulehouse asks Brian Colbert how they harness #BigData at @aboutdotcom to enhance the user experience #AWXII
We are already experimenting with programmatic #TV! @Adobe's @alexamado #AWXII
Pandora VP, Sales Marketing @SusanPanico on why you need an attention strategy: #AWXII
What does attention look like? More than 8 billion stations and 55 billion thumbs since Pandora's launch. #AWXII
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