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Facebook unveils an ad system that is a digital "marketing nirvana:" #AWXI
We broke down NYC neighborhoods to see what stations top the list. Check them out here: #AWXI
Neuroscientist Richard Davidson explains how constant connectivity has led to a "national attention deficit." #AWXI
According to comScore, 52% of digital media consumption now takes place in mobile apps. See the top 25 apps. #AWXI
If you're listening to us... there's a solid chance it's on a smartphone. #AWXI
Nearly 60% of thumbs on Pandora in August came from Millennials. See more here: #AWXI
52% of women have bought a product because they liked how the ad for it portrayed women. #femvertising #AWXI
7 big challenges that threaten mobile advertising's meteoric growth: #AWXI
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