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So Australia follow on in Australia....and I’m loving it!
If anyone’s Nanna is not busy and can bat, send her down to the MCG. #AUSvsIND
Boxing day test match. First ball. Guess all those who love the game are up and watching with a little smile.

#boxingday2018 #AUSvsIND
Australia vs. India - The greatest rivalry in World cricket?

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India wins the second ODI by 6 wickets. 3 match series currently level at 1-1. #AUSvsIND
The sledging returns! Rohit Sharma and David Warner get caught up in a verbal duel: #AusvsInd
First test of the summer, cmon the Aussie boys! Huge series against a good Indian side. Let’s get behind our boys!! 🇦🇺 #cmonaussie #AUSvsIND
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