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You @5SOS fans are all about that @tumblr! Congrats on winning #APMAs Tumblr. Fandom of the Year! #thisisCLE
ATL and yellowcard? My brain is exploding from the awesomeness. I love this band so much #apmas
Hey @5SOS since you guys weren't at the #APMAs we stole your award
CONGRATULATIONS to @PanicAtTheDisco who won ARTIST OF THE YEAR at the 2017 #APMAs
TODAY IS THE DAY! The blue haired man and myself will be HOSTING the #APMAs tonight. The other man is our love child
Oh! And who's this?! It's my new friend @LYNNGVNN - so cool. #APMAs
Congratulations to @PanicAtTheDisco, your ARTIST OF THE YEAR, presented by @MonsterEnergy! #APMAs
CONGRATULATIONS to @twentyonepilots who won MOST DEDICATED FANS at the 2017 #APMAs
.@twentyonepilots win Artist Of The Year at 2016 #APMAs
If I am elected President of the #APMAS , I will go to each of your houses n dance to the entire Lemonade album in my man panties. #VoteJack
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