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Malaysia says the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar is now a "regional concern". Could ASEAN intervention bring an end to the abuses? #AJNewsGrid
10 years ago @wikileaks released its first publication, seeking to ensure govt transparency. Has it stayed true to that aim? #AJNewsGrid
Is Universal Basic Income a better way to address poverty? Share why or why not 👇 using #AJNewsGrid
Do you have faith in world leaders to find a resolution to the conflict in Syria? Share why or why not below using #AJNewsGrid
OPEC meets today. A deal would mean a raise in oil prices. How would higher energy prices impact you & your country’s economy? #AJNewsGrid
Was the late Cuban President Fidel Castro a hero or villain? Share why you think so in a reply 👇 with #AJNewsGrid
Should governments control the internet? Share why or why not below using #AJNewsGrid
The UN says Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar face ethnic cleansing. Share your Qs for @UN special adviser for genocide prevention w/ #AJNewsGrid
Are you participating in the #MeToo campaign? Share why you're doing it in a short video for #AJNewsGrid

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Facebook, Twitter, Google & Microsoft join forces to block 'terrorist' posts online. Should tech companies help police the web? #AJNewsGrid
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