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Trumpcare isn’t a health care bill. A bill that destroys health care for millions to shovel cash to the rich isn’t a health care bill. #AHCA
This isn’t football. It’s not about scoring points. #AHCA will devastate Americans’ healthcare. Families will go bankrupt. People will die.
The #AHCA makes every measure of US health and health care worse by shifting ~$1 trillion from bottom 40% to top 2%. It is unconscionable.
In the age of political hyperbole, this is no hyperbole: pass the #AHCA and people die; pull out of #Paris and the planet begins to die.
13 men and 0 (zero!) women in the Senate are writing the bill to decimate women's health care. #AHCA #FridayFact
13 white men are in charge of drafting the Senate Republican health care bill that would affect 125 million women. That's ridiculous. #AHCA
The #MAGA C.H.U.D.S. on Twitter right now, cheering the #AHCA being passed.

Cattle cheering McDonald's.
Health care is a basic human right. We’ll fight as long & hard as we can to make that a reality for everyone in America. #AHCA
Disease, sickness, old age touches every family. Tragedy doesn’t ask who you voted for. #AHCA
Making #AHCA worse by dropping coverage for maternity care is not the country we should be, @SpeakerRyan.
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