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#BREAKING: The Same-Sex Marriage postal survey has returned a majority 'YES' vote. #MarriageEquality #AusPol #9News
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A ‘dancing’ kangaroo, mesmerised by a flag, has delighted golfers in Queensland. #9News
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BREAKING: Reports that the twelfth and final member of the soccer team has been rescued. #9News #ThaiCaveRescue
Families have posted photos of the missing under #RechercheParis, in the hopes of finding them. #9News
WATCH: The moment a trapped soccer team were found in a cave in Thailand. #9News Read more:
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Justin Bieber has taken time today to chat to fans before he farewells Perth after his concert last night! #9News
Fright for a little boy and his family after a lion attempted to pounce on the child at a zoo in Japan. #9News
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First person to buy an iPhone 6 in Perth immediately dropped it during an interview. #9News
PICS JUST IN: Women's March protesting the inauguration of @realDonaldTrump in Melbourne CBD. #9News
Whale dies after eating 80 plastic bags. #9News
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