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Space-bound travelers @astro_ricky, @Astro_Feustel and @OlegMKS are secured in their Soyuz spacecraft ready for their 1:44pm ET liftoff. Watch as they prepare to depart Earth for @Space_Station: https://t.co/OSmfzUKd1f Have questions? Use #askNASA
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41 minutes
LIFTOFF! @astro_ricky, @Astro_Feustel and @OlegMKS launched at 1:44pm ET in their Soyuz spacecraft. The trio will travel on a two day journey before reaching their new home on @Space_Station this Friday. Watch: https://t.co/OSmfzUKd1f
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These are the victims of the Austin bombings @CNN https://t.co/Jy0Dxg7qq1
Watch live as three humans launch from Earth to travel to the @Space_Station, where they'll conduct important science and @ISS_Research. Coverage beings at 12:45pm ET. Watch liftoff here: https://t.co/ZuxLDtRxxM Have questions? Use #askNASA
A quiet morning
Under a glittering sky
Spring has sprung at last?

On #WorldPoetryDay, share your own haiku inspired by this photo! https://t.co/XkMMjQj3Ji
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Destination space: achieved! @astro_ricky, @Astro_Feustel and @OlegMKS have entered the microgravity environment of space, made evident by the floating talismans visible in this interior view of their spacecraft. Watch: https://t.co/OSmfzUKd1f
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People are going to space today on a rocket in 9 minutes and you can watch it from the comfort of your screen here: https://t.co/rBTvIDHIrv
TX GOP Rep Louie Gohmert on the president congratulating Putin
"I thought it was hilarious"
Here's the picture on that missing dog.
Your water comes from somewhere. Somewhere worth protecting. Happy #IntlForestDay today and #WorldWaterDay tomorrow!
Three people will leave planet Earth tomorrow for a journey to humanity's orbiting laboratory - the @Space_Station. Tune in live at 12:45pm ET to watch their liftoff. Details on their mission: https://t.co/LNNjhA4SQT Have questions? Use #askNASA
@Lori_Garver @JeffBezos Lori, this is ridiculous. Creating a rocket company has to be one of the dumbest and hardest ways to “make money”. If it was about money, I’d just do another Internet company.
#BREAKING: The suspect in the #AustinBombings has been killed after FBI, Austin police tracked him down and engaged him in Round Rock within the last hour, according to state law enforcement officials. A device detonated --which they expected when they pursued him. Then shots.
Happy #VernalEquinox, the #FirstDayofSpring in the Northern Hemisphere. Learn more about the equinox: https://t.co/FoFXZgNghU
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@RanNatanzon @Tesla @CorticaMotors This is completely false. Never even heard of Cortica. Just taking my kids on a Spring Break trip to see ancient historical sites in Israel & Jordan.
BREAKING: #SanFrancisco has banned fur! They are the first major US city to ban fur sales. Everyone is realizing that #FurIsDead. https://t.co/eGxJGiZGn2
This 3-D printed rocket engine nozzle not only withstands the extreme temperatures and pressures required, but is created using a new technique that reduces build time and costs. Get the details on this 3-D printed rocket science: https://t.co/uWTwnu12Zb
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The Museum is open Wednesday, March 21, from 10am to 5:30pm. Timed entry passes will not be required for visitors today. ☃️

Our Sweet Home Café will also serve a full menu 🍽 😋! #SnowDay
📸: Jeremy Long
The world's last male northern white rhino has died.

The Kenyan conservancy taking care of it reported the news via Twitter.

This leaves only two of its subspecies alive in the world, both female.

It is believed the rhino, Sudan, died after 'age-related complications'.
Here's a #StPatricksDay look at a celestial shamrock! Many consider the shamrock to be a symbol of rebirth and life, so it's fitting that this nebula is a dusty region of star birth, seen by our Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer. Take a closer look: https://t.co/IrOR3r4AUU
Beautiful view as we cross over the Pacific Northwest!
Make no mistake... People in federal law enforcement are thinking deeply about this tonight... McCabe had been expected to retire this Sunday, on his 50th birthday, when he would have become eligible to receive early retirement benefits.https://t.co/EB1rMUErF4
Save a thought today for Mohammad Fawad Mohammadi, a former Afghan interpreter who helped the U.S. military. He was attacked by a man in Oregon with a car, prompting an amputation.

Police believe the repeated ramming was intentional.

Breaking: Attorney General Jeff Sessions has fired former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe just two days shy of his retirement.
How deep the ocean really is
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