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From Hong Kong to Zurich, what are the world's most expensive and cheapest cities for expats? Read more:

The brutal terrain of Mars is bound to put a robot flat on its back. But that's why SpaceBok exists—the little four-legged machine that's taking the first steps toward going places no robot has gone before: 🎥: Hendrik Kolvenbach/Eth Zurich

Swiss clinics quick to catch on to COVID-19 potential: Early in the pandemic, Klinik Wald, built in Zurich's highlands in 1898 for low-income victims of tuberculosis, took on many patients straight from intensive care

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LIVE The perspective suggests that the smoke is coming from the tower but this is a fire exercise in the area behind at Zurich Airport

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In Klinik Wald's remote setting overlooking Lake Zurich and the Alps, patients recuperate from COVID-19 on sun-soaked balconies where tuberculosis patients rested decades ago

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Thales : FRENCH AMBASSADOR IN SWITZERLAND, FREDERIC JOURNES, VISITS THALES ALENIA SPACE'S PLANT IN ZURICH; The center of excellence for optical communications and space optoelectronics instruments -


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DOJ says Zurich’s oldest private bank admits to helping U.S. taxpayers hide offshore accounts from the IRS, aiding as many as 340 US taxpayers in hiding as much as $550 million in assets:

#mnwild acknowledge for the first time that Marco Rossi's upper-body issue is complications from having COVID-19 in November. There's no timetable for his return, but he'll return to MN in March. How he was cleared by Zurich, then Team Austria is my big question.

I just got off the phone with former American hostage Michael White, who is now in Zurich after being released from Iran. He will be on a U.S. plane shortly, and is COMING HOME...

Tiger kills Zurich zookeeper in front of visitors and staff

Jane, walking around beautiful Zurich with all her friends.

Spinning for the masses through the years: Zurich, Melbourne, Woodward, Los Angeles & Barcelona A lifetime of blood, sweat and squats ➡️⬇️⭕️

A massive turtle that lived 5-10M years ago weighed 2,500 lbs and had shells almost 10 feet long. Researchers recently found the Stupendemys geographicus' fossilized shells in Venezuela: (?: Edwin Cadena/University of Zurich)

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Average working days needed to purchase an iPhone X. Cairo: 133.3 Mumbai: 114.7 Kiev: 88.5 Beijing: 39.3 Moscow: 37.3 Dubai: 13.4 Tel Aviv: 12.7 London: 11.3 Hong Kong: 9.4 Tokyo: 8.8 Paris: 8.7 Toronto: 7.9 New York: 6.7 Zurich: 4.7 (UBS)

Cost of Nike or Adidas shoes. ($ US) Zurich: $150 Dubai: $119 Paris: $110 Sydney: $109 Riyadh: $102 London: $101 Shanghai: $101 Rome: $101 NY: $93 Moscow: $89 Mexico City: $87 Rio de Janeiro: $82 Berlin: $76 Tokyo: $75 Delhi: $64 Lagos: $63 Istanbul: $59 (Deutsche Bank)

World's most expensive cities, 2019. 1. Singapore (tied) 1. Paris (tied) 1. Hong Kong (tied) 4. Zurich 5. Geneva 5. Osaka 7. Seoul 7. Copenhagen 7. New York 10. Tel Aviv 10. Los Angeles (Economist Intelligence Unit)