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F-Bombs, Mute Wars, and 'Foxitis': Capitol Riot Cases Go Way Off Rails in ZoomCourt Hearing

Pandemic gives rise to anti-Semitic 'Zoom bombing' attacks in Ohio@RPolanskyNews  reports)

This VC firm raised $950 million across two new funds to find the next Zoom:

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Ohio state senator caught driving during Zoom meeting with fake office background 🤣🤣

Ohio senator caught using Zoom background while driving during distracted driving hearing

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Political Idiocracy: Driving and Using a Zoom Background — While Debating Legislation on 'Distracted Driving'

Ohio Republican's attempts to cover up his Zoom driving fail spectacularly

A masked man loaded and brandished a gun during a student-organized Zoom lecture about Univ. of Texas at Austin’s school song “The Eyes of Texas”

10th grade student Daniela Gaeta was getting ready for her Zoom English class when a suspect, avoiding the police, pulled into the driveway.​


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Cost to consumers: Nike Air Max 270s: $150 Dish Network basic package: $64.99 FedEx "large" box delivery: $20.00 Zoom Pro monthly membership: $14.99 Federal income taxes paid in 2020: Nike: $0 Dish Network: $0 FedEx: $0 Zoom: $0 Yes. We must end our rigged tax code.

Zoom saw its profits increase 4,000% last year. But, wait for it, paid no federal income taxes. Zero. Folks, the system is rigged.

“I’m here live, I’m not a cat,” says lawyer after Zoom filter mishap “I can see that,” responds judge

Might need to gone head and move that Inaguration to Zoom. Send Biden & Kamala a DocuSign

Joe Biden sniffs little girls. Hunter films himself smoking crack. Toobin plays with his penis while on a business Zoom call. Anthony Weiner shares photos of his wiener. Bill Clinton is a known sex predator. And these sickos say @realDonaldTrump ’s conduct is inappropriate!

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my days are made up of zoom meetings and playing dress up ☁️⚡️⚡️

College freshmen: Don’t waste your tuition dollars at a 4-year university if all of your classes are going to be on Zoom. Instead, save money and take your gen-eds at your local community college. Your degree will be the same in the end and your wallet will thank you.