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12-year old Syrian table tennis player Hend Zaza, the youngest Olympian at the Tokyo Games, hugs and takes a selfie with Austria’s Liu Jia, who is 39 and won their opening match:

Japan’s Jun Mizutani and Mima Ito hugged each other and cried as they clung to victory against Germany on Sunday, while China’s powerful pairing of Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen said they will take a nap after winning the mixed doubles quarterfinals. #Tokyo2020 

Simu Liu reveals how he's prepping for the release of Marvel's 'Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,' and the advice Tom Hiddleston gave him at Comic-Con

Simu Liu would return for another season of "Kim's Convenience," "If there was and it was the right people involved, I would be first in line"

After the final point, Zaza shed a tear. Liu, who has a daughter of almost the same age, saw and gave Zaza a hug. Zaza had this to say about her journey to the Olympics from war torn Syria:

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12 years old and at the Olympics. 🏓✨ Syrian#tabletennis  player Hend Zaza is the youngest athlete competing at #Tokyo2020 . She suffered defeat in her opening match but showed great sporting spirit by congratulating opponent Jia Liu on her win. 🤝 #StrongerTogether  @ittfworld 

Liu Jia came out on top against opponent less than a third of her age (via @IrishTimesSport )

Bella Liu, who became a surf instructor after spending a year surfing on Hainan, says that it changed her “inside and out”

Emma McKeon impressive early in the 100m butterfly heats, into the semi-finals as the co-quickest qualifier alongside China's Yufei Zhan. Brianna Throssell also through to the semi-finals. #Tokyo2020  #Swimming 

"We welcome more #Taiwan  youth to come to the mainland to seek and realize their dreams," said Liu Jieyi, head of Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council during the 4th cross-Straits youth development forum that opened in E China's Hangzhou on Friday.


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"Just let her live. Let her be an artist... This is a girl, just living her life." K-pop artist Amber Liu@llama_ajol ) speaks out about her former f(x) band mate Sulli, who died by apparent suicide in October.

Zhang Zhan, a Chinese citizen journalist who criticized the government's handling of the outbreak in Wuhan, was sentenced to four years in prison.

#Marr asks Chinese ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming to explain footage from China of handcuffed and blindfolded detained people

China jails citizen journalist Zhang Zhan for 4 years for reporting on the virus in Wuhan. She has been on a hunger strike since June and is reportedly force-fed via a nasal tube. China has punished 8 virus whistleblowers so far. ?Her lawyer Zhang Keke talks to the press

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"There is no such concentration camp in Xinjiang" China's ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming challenged over drone footage that appears to show Uighur Muslims being blindfolded and led to trains

NBC News: The White House nor the Trump campaign have responded to our requests for comment about an alleged Chinese drug cartel money launderers presence as a 'VIP' at a Trump rally. The mysterious story of Antony Liu:

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Drew Barrymore getting choked up thanking the universe for bringing Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu into her life after they gush about her being a force of good in their world is why we forever stan these three angels

In 6 days since acquittal, Trump/WH have: -Removed Vindman -Removed Sondland -Vowed payback/retribution -Attacked judge in Roger Stone case -Attacked DOJ prosecutors for Stone sentencing proposal -Attacked FBI Director Wray -Withdrawn Liu/McCusker nominations

MORE: Per a source familiar, Liu was expecting to stay in her position as U.S. attorney through at least her hearing if not her confirmation. But then, unexpectedly, was informed that AG Barr was replacing her w Shea. Today, Trump withdrew her nomination.