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Wanna be a Zebra. I told you everybody's on fooking drugs man! Crazyasscrackcocaine#Crack  #Crazyasscrack  RT *fun4laugh These people played dangerous game... 😆 😅 🤣

Heartwarming! Pedestrian on a wheeled walker is slowly moving on the zebra crossing as cars lined up behind patiently waited for him to cross the street.

What's a zebra startup and why do we need more of them? More from @Entrepreneur  here >>

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Apparently some BLM protesters got hit while marching in the street in Sacramento. Trump is there right now. Source: zebra'>Black Zebra $FB

Families in shock after watching buffalo gore zebra to death at safari park

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Families left horrified as buffalo butchers zebra to death at safari park 😱

Zoo officials say the deaths may be “a result of aggression by their exhibit mate, a male Hartmann’s mountain zebra.”

Zebra crossing FC: Chelsea, Manchester United third kits brutally trolled online [PHOTOS]


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A rare polka-dotted zebra has been 'spotted' in Kenya... ? ?

Just explained to a delighted American that we call ‘crosswalks’ ‘zebra crossings’. Then she asked what we call ‘crossing guards’, and I said ‘lollipop ladies’ and now she thinks I’ve just made the whole thing up.

Did you know a zebra mixed with a donkey is called a Zonkey

A zebra at the Chyulu National Park in Kenya was recently found with a peculiar-looking foal. Turned out she mated with a donkey and now has a "zonkey."

This orphaned baby zebra was all alone — until something beautiful happened 💗

This orphaned baby zebra was all alone — until something beautiful happened ?

If all Mike Pereira is going to do in the Fox booth is make excuses for b.s. officiating calls then get him out and put somebody in less interested in covering zebra behinds. That tripping call against Dallas was garbage...

Shout out to my man and I love them all, but these new Zebra's gotta be my favorite! Remind me of my Gators!!!!! WOOOOO!

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Egypt zoo accused of painting donkey to look like a zebra

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Deeming it necessary to do a little jog over zebra crossings, while throwing in an apologetic mini wave