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DuckDuckGo surpassed 100M daily search queries for the first time on Jan. 11; since August 2020, the search engine began seeing over 2B search queries per month @campuscodi  / ZDNet)

What's ahead for low-code: merging with collaboration platforms, pushing automation to new levels. via @ZDNet 

Trend Micro: 32% of 500 IT leaders believe AI will replace all cybersecurity roles by 2030; 19% say attackers using AI will be commonplace by 2025 @eileenb  / ZDNet)

Apple has removed a controversial feature in macOS 11.2 beta 2 that allowed its own apps to bypass third-party firewalls, security tools, and VPNs@campuscodi  / ZDNet)

$PRGS (-2.7% pre) Developer tools maker Progress Software slips as Q1 outlook misses expectations - ZDNet

Microsoft Cloud for Retail opens for preview, combining services and features from Microsoft Advertising, Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform@maryjofoley  / ZDNet)

Crowdstrike details Sunspot, a newly discovered malware strain that was the first to be used in the SolarWinds supply chain attack, beginning in September 2019 @campuscodi  / ZDNet)

Google details a sophisticated hacking operation first detected in early 2020 that used several novel Chrome exploits to compromise users on Android and Windows @campuscodi  / ZDNet)

$UI (-1.0% pre) Ubiquiti tells customers to change passwords after security breach - ZDNet

Persons Of Interest. Capitol attack's cybersecurity fallout: Stolen laptops, lost data and possible espionage. | ZDNet


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LinkedIn says its iOS app is copying the contents of users' clipboards after every key press due to a bug and promises a fix, after iOS 14 reveals the snooping @campuscodi  / ZDNet)

Super secretive Russian disinfo operation discovered dating back to 2014 via @ZDNet  & @campuscodi 

Twitter bots and trolls are driving conspiracy theories about Australian#bushfires  | ZDNet

Microsoft is exploring using the Rust programming language as an alternative to C, C++ in the name of better security: (by ZDNet's ) @campuscodi 

"The experience created by the #HoloLens2  is the closest thing to visible magic the tech industry has ever produced." - @ZDNet 

"The experience created by the #HoloLens2  is the closest thing to visible magic the tech industry has ever produced." - @ZDNet 

Microsoft pulls the Win 10 October Update (1809), citing issues with users' files being deleted: (by ZDNet's )

@ZDNet  reports that Microsoft is "firing on all cylinders" when it comes to the cloud, data and AI.

Interesting piece about #Sandy  exposing the need for more electricity storage technology: via @HeathClancy  & @ZDnet 

Surface 3: My best purchase of 2015 (hands on) via @ZDNet  & @jkendrick 

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