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Hoya gaoligongensis, a new species in the milkweed family, was discovered! The newly found species is native to mid-elevation moist evergreen broadleaved forests of Yunnan, SW China.

Safety first! A 7-seat minivan was busted with 33 pupils on board when driver was transporting these kids to school in SW China’s Yunnan.

Three pagodas at the Chongsheng Temple in Dali, southwest China's Yunnan Province, are one of the oldest and most majestic buildings in southern China.

Infrared camera spotted marbled cats (Pardofelis Marmorata) frolicking in Gaoligong Mountain National Nature Reserve in Baoshan City, southwest China's Yunnan Province. The species has been listed as Vulnerable (VU) by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

November 1944, Lungling, Yunnan — After the Chinese Expeditionary Y-Force drove the Japanese out of the occupied Lungling, American and Chinese soldiers, guided by their flags, moved into the ancient city in Yunnan Province.

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Follow these girls of Huayao Dai ethnic group and experience the charm of nature at a farmland in Yuxi, southwest China's Yunnan Province. Huayao Dai ethnic group, being named for colorful costume decorations on people's waist, is a branch of Dai ethnic group.

Men vs Elephants: The intrusion of wild Asian elephants in southwest China’s Yunnan Province continues as life threats to local villagers, after having caused eight deaths in the past seven years.

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The output of three plots at a super #hybrid  rice demonstration base in Honghe Hani and Yi autonomous prefecture of Yunnan province reached an average of 1,134.6 kilograms per mu (about 0.07 hectares), the 4th consecutive year of an average output exceeding 1,100 kg per mu.

The Nanxi River grand bridge of the Yuxi-Mohan section along the China-Lao Railway was connected in Yuxi, SW China's Yunnan Province, on Tuesday. The four-lane grand bridge has a total length of 920.3 meters with a max span of 128 meters.

The provincial health commission in SW China's Yunnan announced two confirmed imported #COVID19  cases in Ruili among illegal immigrants. The city called a press conference to announce nucleic acid testing for all residents. All 1,185 people tested thus far have returned negative.

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Wonder what life is like living in this narrowly cramped town on the riverside in SW China's Yunnan?

#ChinaBuzz Go Dumbo! A video of baby elephant Yang Niu sliding down a mud hill for fun has gone viral again on Chinese social media. The video was posted on Weibo by an Asian wild elephant rescue center in Xishuangbanna, SW China's Yunnan Province ??

A Shaolin monk in SW China’s Yunnan practices his light-body mastery?

This girl just wants to have fun! A baby Asian elephant slides down a slope at the Wild Elephant Valley in Xishuangbanna, SW China's Yunnan.

China says total cases of the new coronavirus have grown to 217. Besides Wuhan, infections have been reported in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong, and suspected cases in Sichuan, Yunnan, Shandong and Guangxi

How sweet! Two wild baby monkeys were rescued by local police from animal traffickers in southwest China's Yunnan Province. Find out how they get along with their new "moms" and "dads"

6 million years ago, giant otters weighing more than 100lbs lived in the wooded wetlands of China's Yunnan province:

Wondering how big #Supermoon  (the largest since 1948) can be? Check out photos taken in SW China's Yunnan

A child rests with a cat at a shelter in Yunnan province's earthquake zone. Editor's Choice:

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Death toll from China's #Yunnan  earthquake reaches 398, officials say &

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