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@ArtistRights  @MusicTechPolicy “ @SusanWojcickiWe , YouTube, acknowledge your material appearing in this video but we choose to not allow you your rightful claim because it interferes in our ability to monetize the video.” Yeah, that sounds like it’s just begging for a legal case that takes away YT’s safe harbor under DMCA./3

@HawleyMO  @JackieSpeier1  @DinaSrinivasan3  @SenRickScott . @SenBlumenthal  @MarkWarner  intr @HawleyMOoduced  a bill to stop YouTube from recommending videos of children after the NYT did a story on how YT’s algorithm automatically curates content for pedophiles.

Another ©️ infringement from Beijing TV, uploaded by Noahmob, YouTube’s exclusive marketing agent in China. YT’s marketing dept & legal dept are fully aware. Let’s see if they try to do a false counter-notification on my legitimate takedown. Stand by... ⏱

First infringement was TV bcast: secondarily on YT. False counter notification done by , Google & YT’s excl rep in China. Brief email exchange: they ghosted me. Material goes back online this week. I have no recourse, no remedy. Google wins.

their (YT’s & uploader’s) monetization is turned off unless you opt to monetize that content, at which point you share in that $ from that moment on. Important: if it already got 1M views that YT & uploader monetized, you get $0 of that. U can’t monetize retroactively.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has rented out Radio City Music Hall to pitch advertisers. But first an acknowledgment of YT’s crappy year: “There is not a playbook for open platforms like us to operate at scale.”

With over a BILLION views on YT, 's New Rules is nominated for British Video Of The Year at the ! Catch it along with all the other nominees at 7 PM tonight. OnVh1#BRITs  #BRITsOnVh1  #NomineesSpecial 

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Seems like after 2 years of Stories dominating social media, Snapchat’s slow down, YT’s controversies, & Fb’s anti-video change does open up space for carefree, scripted, purposefully funny content somewhere

YT’s@cenkuygur  livestreamed booting from LAX flight because pilot wasn’t ‘comfortable’

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