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Nikola Tries To Censor Its Critics On YouTube Using Copyright Complaints #zerohedge 

Zoom, Facebook and YouTube Censor SFSU Seminar Attended by Palestinian Activist

YouTube brings back more human moderators after AI systems over-censor

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New on YouTube: Mark Zuckerberg questioned on Facebook's decision to "censor" Donald Trump Jr...on Twitter

Black video artists sue #YouTube  for discrimination YouTube is accused of using computer-driven racial, identity and viewpoint profiling and filtering tools to restrict, censor, and denigrate blacks. #BlackLivesMatter 

Trump Administration to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube: Don’t censor, or else! Civil rights groups to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube: Censor more, or else!

PETER HITCHENS: Did YouTube use its Shadow Banners to censor my views?


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Read @mtaibbi  on the severe dangers of pleading with tech companies to censor & regulate our discourse. Trump's tweet is in the news, but Taibbi focuses on YouTube's removal of Michael Moore's new (and flawed) film. Is this how we want speech controlled?

Welcome to the dystopian nightmare, where big tech is colluding to censor newsworthy and public information My video talking about Eric Ciaramella has been forced locked by Youtube for dubious reasons Facebook also recently announced they will ban content naming the Ciaramella

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A federal appeals court in California on Wednesday ruled that privately operated internet platforms, such as YouTube, are free to censor content they don’t like @MorningsMaria ⁩ @FoxBusiness ⁩ 6-9am et

The Turkish government also heavily restricts and censors the internet, blocking more than 220,000 websites including Wikipedia – and temporarily including Twitter and YouTube. It is now pressuring Netflix and other online streaming platforms to censor content.

My @prageru ⁩ video was restricted by Google/YouTube just “two weeks after a Senate hearing at which a Google representative swore under oath that the company doesn’t censor based on political views.” @DennisPrager ⁩

Sigh. This individual claims to be a “journalist.” Then he throws a fit & demands that YouTube CENSOR views he doesn’t like. Here’s a crazy idea: if you don’t like what @scrowder  says, ARGUE AGAINST HIM. Make your case in what John Stuart Mill called the “marketplace of ideas.”

Deripaska is abusing Russian justice system in order to prevent spreading of our investigation about him and Deputy Prime Minister Prikhodko. Learn how they are trying to censor internet and intimidate YouTube. Here is our new video with english subtitles

InfoWars just received a strike, now Mark Dice as well. 3 strikes and you're off YouTube. This isn't gonna get any better. They're not gonna let us kick their asses like we did in 2016. In order to win, they have to censor. Don't expect this to stop. It's only getting worse.


#IndiasDaughter put on YouTube to beat ban. World's biggest democracy tried to censor #DelhiRapist  doc. Watch & weep.