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“The infrastructure failures in Texas are quite literally what happens when you *don’t* pursue a Green New Deal,” Rep. @Ocasio2018 , the New York Democrat who introduced the legislation to develop renewable energy responded on Twitter.

Ron Kim, a New York Democrat who's called out Cuomo's nursing home coverup for months, talked with Insider columnist @anthonyLfisher  about why it's time for the governor to face the music.

Top Ranking New York Democrat confident Senate has votes to curtail Cuomo emergency powers

New York Democrat says Cuomo threatened 'to destroy him' unless he helped 'cover up the nursing home deaths scandal'

New York Democrat Lawmakers Rise In Rebellion, Push to Impeach Governor Andrew Cuomo Over COVID-19 Lies

Cuomo threatens Democrat Ron Kim over nursing home scandal: 'You will be destroyed' (New York Post)

#NEW The comments from Democrat Ron Kim come as a senior official tells NBC New York that the Brooklyn U.S. Attorney’s Office and the FBI have launched a preliminary investigation into the Cuomo administration’s handling of nursing home-related data

New York Assemblyman Ron Kim, a Democrat from Queens, has long called for an investigation into Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s handling of nursing homes during the coronavirus pandemic

New York Democrat Lawmakers Rise In Rebellion, Push to Impeach Governor Andrew Cuomo Over COVID-19 Lies

Cuomo Vowed to 'Destroy' a Fellow Democrat Over Nursing Home Criticism @jessemckinley  / New York Times)


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Four years ago BuzzFeed posted the Steele Dossier, filled with lies and misinformation, and twitter and Facebook happily spread their fake news. Now these platforms are blocking transmission of a New York Post story critical of a Democrat. The hypocrisy is not sustainable.

The World Health Organization just admitted that I was right. Lockdowns are killing countries all over the world. The cure cannot be worse than the problem itself. Open up your states, Democrat governors. Open up New York. A long battle, but they finally did the right thing!

Anyone else shocked that NBC News would neglect to mention that Silver is a Democrat and ran the NY Democrat party for decades??? If he was a Republican that would be front and center! Ex-New York assembly speaker Sheldon Silver sentenced to 6 1/2 years

Police Chief, and most of the police in Rochester, N.Y., have resigned. The Democrat Mayor and, of courses, Governor Cuomo, have no idea what to do. New York State is a mess - No Money, High Taxes & Crime, Everyone Fleeing. November 3rd. We can fix it!

2012: Obama/Biden IRS targets conservative groups. 2016: Obama/Biden FBI spies on Trump Campaign. 2020: Democrat Attorney General in New York attempts to dissolve the NRA. Convenient how the Left always attacks political rivals in an election year.

“I live in New York. Even the most Liberal friends that I have are thinking twice about voting Democrat this time because they’ve seen what’s happened to the City under @NYCMayor  de Blasio and the State under @NYGovCuomo  - They’re getting eaten up by taxes.” @DavidAsmanfox 

Thank you to Democrat Assemblyman Dov Hikind of New York for your very gracious remarks on for our deporting a longtime resident Nazi back to Germany! Others worked on this for decades.

Mini Mike Bloomberg has instructed his third rate news organization not to investigate him or any Democrat, but to go after President Trump, only. The Failing New York Times thinks that is O.K., because their hatred & bias is so great they can’t even see straight. It’s not O.K.!

The Radical Left Democrats have failed on all fronts, so now they are pushing local New York City and State Democrat prosecutors to go get President Trump. A thing like this has never happened to any President before. Not even close!

Bob Mueller, after spending two years and 45 million dollars, went over all of my financials, & my taxes, and found nothing. Now the Witch Hunt continues with local New York Democrat prosecutors going over every financial deal I have ever done. This has never happened to a.....