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It’s tradition for first ladies to wear American designers throughout the inaugural celebrations. In choosing Markarian, a small New York City brand, Jill Biden is drawing an unrivaled amount of attention to a young designer.

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden chose to wear an outfit created by a New York City based label on Inauguration Day.

For New York City high school teacher Sari Rosenberg, receiving the COVID-19 vaccine meant taking the first concrete step toward seeing her students in person again, after an uncertain year that she spent mostly teaching online

New York City temporarily closing vaccination sites due to lack of supply from federal government

LIVE NOW: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio gives his daily COVID briefing from City Hall

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What to know about getting the COVID-19 vaccine in New York City

Many in New York City were out celebrating the 46th president Wednesday. There were moments throughout the inauguration ceremony that left some New Yorkers beaming with pride. @jennamdeangelis  reports.

Patrick Hunt, an assistant principal in New York City public schools, poses the question: What can we do when skipping school means not pressing a button? #EWOpinion 

Tens of thousands of New York City students are in jeopardy of getting a failing grade for not finishing their online course work. The City Council is looking for answers on the continued obstacles students and staff are facing. @AClineThomas  reports.

The #COVID19  vaccine shortage has forced New York City to cancel thousands of appointments and close 15 vaccine hubs for the next two days. @MKramerTV  reports. #coronavirus 


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JUST IN: 2 local friends see each other unexpectedly on the street in New York City

New York City doesn’t do business with insurrectionists. We’re taking steps to TERMINATE agreements with the Trump Organization to operate the Central Park Carousel, Wollman and Lasker skating rinks, and the Ferry Point Golf Course.

Wow! 100,000 Mail In Ballots in New York City a total MESS. Mayor and Governor have no idea what to do. Big Fraud, Unfixable! Cancel Ballots and go out and VOTE, just like in past decades, when there were no problems!

New York City must stop the Shutdown now. The Governor & Mayor are destroying the place!

The Democrats have to start enforcing Law and Order in their cities and states. New York City, Chicago and Portland are a total DISASTER!

“I live in New York. Even the most Liberal friends that I have are thinking twice about voting Democrat this time because they’ve seen what’s happened to the City under @NYCMayor  de Blasio and the State under @NYGovCuomo  - They’re getting eaten up by taxes.” @DavidAsmanfox 

I cannot believe we are playing the MetLife stadium today! Everything about this is surreal. I still can't believe I'm even in New York City

A landlord with 18 apartment buildings in New York City waived April rent for his 200 to 300 tenants because of the coronavirus pandemic. “I told them just to look out for your neighbor and make sure that everyone has food on their table," he said.

I am working very hard to help New York City & State. Dealing with both Mayor & Governor and producing tremendously for them, including four new medical centers and four new hospitals. Fake News that I won’t help them because I don’t like Cuomo (I do). Just sent 4000 ventilators!

New York City put on an 11:00 P.M. CURFEW last night. No wonder they ripped the place apart. Should be 7:00 P.M. CALL UP THE NATIONAL GUARD. #SAVENYC