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Gutted i didnt get to see what balotelli had on his shirt. Heard it said yolo. Haha

Is your teen texting about the market? LOL: Lots of Listings POS: Potentially Overrated Stock FTW: Forex Trading Weekly NBD: Nice Bond DealYOLO: You Only List Once BRB: Best Returns Bonds LMAO: Love Mergers & Acquisitions Oh yeah Please share with any parents of teens

You Got Kids Who Like Top 40 Songs, Shop At The Mall And Puts Shit Like YOLO In Their Bio. Then You Got The Ones Who Like OF.

My costume for tomorrow's premiere performance is so yolo.

YOLO RT: @justinbieber : If u didn't get tickets to the believe tour find a way to sneak in lol

"Seize the day" in Latin is "Carpe Diem" ..."Seize the day" in Douchebag is "YOLO"