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Keir Starmer asks why the test and trace system isn’t a glorious success Boris Johnson replies: “I want to have more of the spirit of togetherness that we had yesterday” #pmqs 

Boris Johnson has been urged to continue the furlough scheme beyond the end of October by Sir Keir Starmer in the wake of the new coronavirus restrictions that were announced yesterday

“Why yesterday did the PM say testing and tracing had very little or nothing to do with the transmission of the disease?” asks Labour's Keir StarmerBoris Johnson says “great advantage” of Test and Trace is UK can take steps to drive the virus down #PMQs 

Keir Starmer just asked Boris Johnson why the public health measures announced yesterday were not supported by economic measures. He dodged the question not once but twice. Businesses and employees across the country need answers now to prevent mass redundancies.

“He supported it yesterday, I hope, in the spirit of togetherness and unity that he will continue to give it his support.” Boris Johnson accuses #Labour  of using #Covid_19  for political gains during a tense #PMQs  as UK #Covid  restrictions tighten.

Why wasn't business support announced alongside new coronavirus restrictions yesterday? asks Labour leader Keir Starmer "We will go forward with further creative and imaginative schemes to keep our economy moving," says PM Boris Johnson#PMQs 

Yesterday Boris Johnson announced restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of #COVID19  in the UK. @Mark_J_Harper  will join @KayBurley  on Sky News this morning to discuss the new rules. 🕖 8:20am 👉 #KayBurley  📺 Sky 501 / Freeview 233 📱 Watch live

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Boris Johnson on the EU, yesterday: “I’m afraid these threats reveal the spirit in which some of our friends are currently minded to conduct these negotiations.”

Boris Johnson and Ed Miliband clashed in the Commons yesterday over the proposed UK Internal Market Bill which the Labour MP claimed: "gets Brexit undone".

Here are all of the exemptions to the new #RuleOfSix  that Boris Johnson announced yesterday (Thread)

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EU migrants have been able to “treat the UK as if it’s part of their own country” for too long, Boris Johnson said yesterday as he reprised the core message of Vote Leave’s 2016 EU referendum campaign.

Yesterday's Sunday Times revealed that Boris Johnson's government doctored a video in order to hide the fact that, on 2 March, the PM was urging Brits to go about "business as usual ". Well, here's the part they cut out. via @brexit_sham 

Boris Johnson tried to take a one year anniversary lap of honour yesterday. He moved house, his partner had a baby, he ‘delivered’ a Brexit he’s desperate to disown, he went on holiday just as the virus bit, he presided over tens of thousands of deaths. Swings & roundabouts, eh?

Yesterday, Boris Johnson accused care homes of failing to follow the coronavirus guidelines. This is James O'Brien's passionate response. @mrjamesob  | #carehomes 

Perhaps Boris Johnson is refusing to help feed hungry children so that Rees-Mogg can feel 'uplifted' when their parents go to a foodbank. Jacob had a tough day yesterday, with so many of us recalling the time he insulted the memory of children who burned to death in their homes.

I asked Boris Johnson today if he recognised that the #Covid-19  crisis has exposed grotesque levels of inequality within our society, and that yesterday's statement has given carte blanche to many employers to force people back to work.

Boris Johnson lied about this in November. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. It was pointed out at the time but got shouted down. Yesterday, he lied about Covid19 & care homes. I wonder what he will lie about next.

I’m delighted Boris Johnson is improving in hospital. We all should be. But let’s not be distracted from the shocking fact that nearly 1000 #coronavirus  deaths were recorded in the UK yesterday alone. Govt. has serious questions to answer about our preparedness for this crisis.

"I’m glad the man said that to Boris Johnson. "He was telling the truth about what it's like to be on the receiving end of poor staffing levels and under-resourcing." These are the words of a doctor who met Boris Johnson on his hospital visit yesterday.

Yesterday I asked a bumbling Boris if he was proud of the UK selling weapons to Saudi Arabia. His answer was a little bit defensive.. #Yemen