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@flyerandyp  @Fluff40356997Maybe  I can be helpful. Had Mobi-C disc put in at C5-C6, however 1st surgery failed to remove bone spur sticking into my spinal cord. 2nd surgery took care of it. Recommend using Yelp or other online reviews of doctors. Effectiveness varies widely.

"Extrapolating from numbers provided by Yelp and Womply, Steven Hamilton, an economist at George Washington University, estimates that 420,000 U.S. small businesses had closed permanently by July 10." Great story from @PaulWisemanAP :

Yelp’s anti-racist social credit nightmare @MsMelChen  - @spectator )

What if you had a way to see if an employee of a particular restaurant was involved in a racist incident? That’s exactly what Yelp has done, and it’s raising questions as to who should and shouldn’t be making these decisions.


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Yelp went from helping diners find food, to destroying businesses. if a place is accused of racism, Yelp will put out a "public attention" alert. Yelp has just sanctioned and amplified smears. Screw them.

Now, when a business gains attention for reports of racist conduct, Yelp will place a new Business Accused of Racist Behavior Alert on their Yelp page to inform users, along with a link to a news article where they can learn more.

1/ Great intv between @TuckerCarlson  and SF salon owner Erica Kious who is now the target of Nancy Pelosi. Speaks of hate and death threats, targeted on Yelp, etc because of Pelosi falsely accusing her of a “set up.”

Still reeling from ’s very negative Yelp review of Haiti, which means I’ll love it. Headed to Haiti later this week to explore and make some new friends. Stay tuned for my report. #ConanWithoutBorders 

I just posted my first Yelp review. Im by no means a master yelper but i figured since i travel so much and go to cool restaurant's it could

Trump said Hurricane Florence is “tremendously big and tremendously wet.” Also the same Yelp review he left for his hotel room in Russia.

Tucson restaurant launches all out war with #Yelp 

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