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Magnificent Hukou Waterfall at the border of N China's Shanxi and NW China's Shaanxi, the largest waterfall on the Yellow River and also the second largest waterfall in China, braces its best viewing season as the water volume rises due to continuous rainfall in the upstream.

With the water flow reached 2,380 cubic meters per second, forming a group of waterfalls stretching hundreds of meters, Hukou waterfall of Yellow River welcomes its best viewing season.

. @SRC_EM  is reporting the Yellow River has crested. No additional flooding is anticipated at this time. @weartv 

A mountain bike race along the ancient Silk Road kicks off in Gansu, China as the epidemic wanes. Join us as we follow the competitors through mountains and across the Yellow River! (recorded)

China is using the Yellow River to replenish the groundwater in its eighth-largest desert of the Ulan Buh. Click for more

Chinese craftsman Zhou Denan keeps the traditional way of boating alive by rowing sheepskin raft on the Yellow River. Click for the intangible cultural inheritor's story

The Yellow River, known as China's "Mother River", feeds about 12 percent of China's population, irrigates about 15 percent of arable land, supports 14 percent of national GDP and supplies water to more than 60 cities

8:15 am -- We've seen some hefty rains west of the Illinois River so far. Here's a radar estimate; yellow areas are 2.5-3". We've had reports of 2.9 inches at Knoxville and 2.4 inches at Galesburg. #ILwx 

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Sit back and enjoy the tranquil magnificence of Madoi county in Qinghai Province, northwest China: Watch as the upper reaches of the Yellow River flow to a spectacular lake, a sight to behold all year round.

Fire intensity of the Beachie Creek and Lionshead fires as well as the fire in the Blue River area. The more yellow the pixels the more intense the fire. The loop is from 1130 PM to 230 AM. #ORwx 


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Human activity could drive extinction and destroy billions of years of evolutionary history, which has produced remarkable creatures such as the punk-haired Mary River turtle, the yellow-eyed Aye Aye lemur and the Chinese crocodile, researchers warn.

#HelloFrom Holtsós, Iceland, and this “endless” black beach contrasting with blue ocean and yellow river waters

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#ChinaBuzz Retired athlete rescues fisherman who fell into the Yellow River

The sculpture of Emperors Yan and Huang is a monument carved from a mountain on the Yellow River in Zhengzhou, central China’s Henan Province. Both Emperors were regarded as the common ancestors for all Chinese.

When blue meets yellow: A line is seen at the estuary of the Yellow River, China’s second largest river, which marks the boundary between Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea.

Peru releasing 500,000 yellow-spotted Amazon river turtles into the wild after caring for them while they hatched.

828 km highway along Yellow River opens to traffic. The road, linking north and south of Shaanxi, is expected to benefit over 2 mln people

Peru releasing 500,000 yellow-spotted Amazon river turtles into the wild after caring for them while they hatched.

I put some of the yellow water from the Colorado River spill on my brown lawn and now its a lovely color between mahogany and John Boehner

Giant yellow rubber duck swept away by floodwaters on China's Nanming River#NewsfromElsewhere 

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