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6 up, 6 down for Gerrit Cole in his first regular season game in pinstripes at Yankee Stadium. Yankees lead the Phillies 1-0 in the 2nd inning thanks to DJ LeMahieu's second leadoff HR of the season.

We will talk Happ, LeMahieu, Torres and a lot more on the Yankee pregame show on YES at 6:30 PM. Yankees have won 17 in a row vs Orioles. Please join us.

DJ LeMahieu will be part of the 'stay back' group tomorrow at Yankee Stadium. Boone says the Yanks have mapped out his next 4-5 days, and LeMahieu will start to get at-bats during that time.

VIDEO: Here's the view from the press box of DJ LeMahieu doing infield work for the first time at Yankee Stadium since rejoining the team after having tested positive for COVID-19.

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Aaron Boone says that DJ LeMahieu was "welcomed back to the building" today. LeMahieu is one of the three Yankee major leaguers who tested positive for COVID-19.

Former Rockies 2B, current Yankee DJ LeMahieu tests positive for coronavirus

Former Rockies 2B, current Yankee DJ LeMahieu tests positive for coronavirus #9sports 

Yankees infielder DJ LeMahieu and right-hander Luis Cessa tested positive for COVID-19 and were not present at Yankee Stadium during the club’s Saturday workout.

One year ago today: @RealMichaelKay  told the world how I had to be carted off the Yankee Stadium field, which inspired DJ LeMahieu to hit a homer

It might seem goofy to project a lineup for a game that won't be played. For me, it's therapeutic. With no Judge or Stanton and Means (LH) starting for O's, my Yankee lineup: LeMahieu 2B, Voit 1B, Torres SS, Sanchez C, Andujar DH, Tauchman LF, Urshela 3B, Frazier RF, Gardner CF


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DJ LeMahieu's 197 hits this season were the most by a Yankee since when? @att  #ATTNYY 

DJ LeMahieu has now started 26 games at 1B, 61 games at 2B, and 45 games at 3B. First Yankee ever to start at least 25 games at those three positions in one season.

DJ LeMahieu has been a Yankee since Little League days.

New York Yankee DJ LeMahieu has tied his career-high with 66 RBIs ?

DJ LeMahieu was the perfect fit for this Yankee lineup. His signing made more sense than any other bat the Yankees could’ve brought in. You will feel as good or better about him being up in October as any hitter in that lineup.

DJ LeMahieu has been an absolute FORCE in his first season as a Yankee.

?Start spreading the neeeeews... ? Let's take a first look at newest Yankee, DJ LeMahieu.

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