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Special Marine Warning including the Waters from Suwannee River to Apalachicola FL from 20 to 60 NM, Waters from Okaloosa-Walton County Line to Mexico Beach from 20 to 60 NM and Waters from Mexico Beach to Apalachicola FL from 20 to 60 NM until 10:45 AM CST

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All 👀 are on Thursday/Friday as the next storm system moves through - winter weather and strong winds expected in New Mexico, and severe weather is possible for the lower Mississippi River Valley.

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Loudoun County’s Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to return U.S. Route 7 and U.S. Route 50 in Virginia to their original names of Leesburg Pike and Little River Turnpike

Dog adopted after swimming 3,300 feet across the Ohio River

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There is nothing new about the proposed river-interlinking project being pushed by the govt, and this ‘unnecessary excess’ of a project will create more problems than it promises to solve, says Ravi Chopra. #Replug 

Search for missing N.J. boaters expands 3 weeks after they disappeared in Delaware River

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Search and rescue crews may have found boat belonging to missing boaters in Pearl River

The closure and destruction of the east river park is a great example of one of my personal sayings - "you can know what's going to happen, but that doesn't mean you know how you'll feel when it does"

Take a look at Toms River's Community Medical Center's $600 million overhaul plans, including everything from private rooms to severe storm-protected utilities.

A #dog  has been adopted after inspiring a week-long rescue mission when she escaped and swam 3,300 feet across a river. #Rescuepup  Allie slipped her collar and ran away from her owner last year, and swam across the width of the #OhioRiver  and into another state.


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Drone video shows a huge, almost perfectly-shaped ice disk floating in the Presumpscot River in Westbrook, Maine. The mass of ice that resembles a moon slowly rotates as currents pass in the river.

Cry me a river, Jeff Bezos lost out on a space contract so now Senate inserts a Bezos bailout provision for $10 billion for his space company?? Isn’t there some remnant of decency in Congress to oppose bailouts for billionaires?

NEW: California officials tell CNN they anticipate nearly all salmon in the Sacramento River will die due to abnormally hot underwater conditions as heat waves continue.

Timeline cleanser: (But if you’ve already seen a lady playing the piano for an elephant in a river today then today just keep on scrolling.)

Check out this Belgian Malinois with springs in his legs. Jumping the river...

Oh look, another billionaire is mad that he might have to pay more taxes while children in America go hungry and veterans sleep on the street. Cry me a river. Yes. We will make Wall Street billionaires pay their fair share of taxes and create an economy that works for all of us.

What a unique friendship! Chinese netizen shared videos showing every morning the neighbor's ducks come to his door and call for their friends, then all 11 ducks go to the river together. ???

“Don’t throw the American story into the river, don’t throw it into the lake. Be proud of it.” @kilmeade  @foxandfriends 

Hawaii: This is not a time-lapse video. A river of lava moving at an incredible speed...

river deep mountain high is truly the best glee performance period.