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Yang Bin, a former prosecutor in China, is now a defense lawyer. “When many people look at the system, they see its strength. When I look at it, I see only its fragility,” she says.

The police in China questioned Yang Bin, a former prosecutor, after she sheltered a prominent dissident. “Even though I was being questioned like a criminal, I knew in my heart I hadn’t done anything wrong,” Ms. Yang said.

In our Future of Payments podcast series, treasury specialist Helen Sanders and Citi’s Jason Batman, Mridula Iyer, Howard Yang and Scott Southall discuss the payments landscape in various Asia Pacific markets. Listen now:

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Strathfield Girls High School student yang'>Jenny Yang approached her first HSC English exam on Tuesday morning full of nerves. But once she put her notes down, she became more confident | @natassiazc 

In his spare time, the comedian Jimmy O. Yang has been secretly watching romantic comedies to prepare for a leading role in a rom-com. “There’s no shame in my game,” he says.

What do we do when our American-ness is constantly questioned? “WE can define ‘American’ to include each and everyone of us.” YangVFA' alt='AndrewYangVFA' /'>@AndrewYangVFA  Thank you Andrew Yang for supporting us in our cause to mobilize Muslim Americans and empower our voices!

Would be ironic if the last major market to reopen movie theaters is Los Angeles via Yang' alt='Yueqi_Yang' /'>@Yueqi_Yang 

Singaporean author yang'>Neon Yang makes Time's list of The 100 Best Fantasy Books Of All Time


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BREAKING: Pres. Trump and Treasury Sec. Mnuchin say they're looking into sending Americans checks for $1,000 each to mitigate the economic impact of the coronavirus. They've released no details yet, but the idea echoes AndrewYang's call for a universal 'Freedom Dividend'

IMLAY's 3rd EP album 'DYSTOPIA' will be released on FEB. 19! Meet IMLAY's upgraded music world via this album, raising anticipatoin with WayVYANG YANG's featuring! 😎 #IMLAY  #임레이 #DYSTOPIA  #디스토피아 #YANGYANG  #양양

??? NEW #IOWAPOLL  ??? Sanders: 20% (+5) Warren: 17% (+1) Buttigieg: 16% (-9) Biden: 15% (-) Klobuchar: 6% (-) Yang: 5% (+2) Booker: 3% (-) Steyer: 2% (-1) Gabbard: 2% (-1) Bloomberg: 1% (-1) Not sure: 11% (+6) No other candidate polled above 0%.

Yang is right: This is the most fundamental political shift of the past decade. The Democratic Party has abandoned the working class, has abandoned union members, and the GOP has become the blue-collar party of jobs.

Update: According to Yang’s lawyer Anthony DePietro, now 15 women have contacted him saying they were sexually assaulted by Dr Robert Hadden, just like Evelyn Yang. This- less than 24 hours after our story aired. That’s 15 women plus the 32 who already filed a civil suit.

New national Monmouth poll: Sanders: 20% (+6) Warren: 20% (+5) Biden: 19% (-13)! Harris: 8% (-) Booker: 4% (+2) Buttigieg: 4% (-1) Yang: 3% (+1) Castro: 2% (+2) O’Rourke: 2% (-1) Williamson: 2% (+1)

BETO: We need to stop gun violence BOOKER: I can unite the country YANG: Guess what, America? You just got in THE CASH CAB

Naked Andrew Yang Emerges From Time Vortex To Warn Debate Audience About Looming Threat Of Automation #DemDebate2 

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Tunjuk effort kat orang yang appreciate awak je. Don't waste your time✋