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As coronavirus cases continue to rise, artists dressed up as 'Yamraj' and 'Chitragupt' to create awareness on wearing masks and maintain social-distancing in Chhattisgarh’s Raipur. #RaipurPolice  Covid19India#YamrajOnStreets 

#WATCH Chhattisgarh: Artists dressed up as 'Yamraj' and 'Chitragupt' create awareness on wearing masks and maintain social-distancing. This initiative has been taken up by Raipur Smart City Limited, Traffic Police & Municipal Corporation. #COVID19  (11/7)

#NDTVBeeps | An activist dressed up as 'Yamraj', the Hindu God of Death, has been distributing face masks to residents of Madhya Pradesh's Bhopal.

Without a mask in Bhopal? A 'Yamraj's advise and a penalty

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Without A Mask In Bhopal? A 'Yamraj's Advise And A Penalty

#WATCH Jammu & Kashmir: A local artist dressed up as Yamraj today and visited various markets of Udhampur city to create awareness among the people about #COVID19 . He urged people to observe social distancing, wear mask and not come out of houses unnecessarily.

Delhi Police, with the help of a local artist dressed as 'Yamraj', created awareness about #Coronavirus  among the people in RK Puram, Sector 1.

Delhi Police, with the help of a local artist dressed as Yamraj, created awareness among the people and appealed to them to remain indoor during lockdown. Announcement was made by them for the people in RK Puram area, in a bid to create awareness. #COVID19 

#Lockdown2 | ‘Yamraj’ walks around a town in Andhra Pradesh, warns people to stay at home #ItsViral 

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#WATCH Madhya Pradesh: A Police Constable in Indore dressed up as 'Yamraj' to spread awareness on #Coronavirus  in the city. He is appealing to people to "stay at home". (17.4.2020)

#WATCH Uttarakhand: Police are spreading awareness about #Coronavirus  in Haridwar through an artist dressed up as 'Yamraj', who is appealing to the people to stay at home and take necessary precautions. (07.04.2020)

Andhra Pradesh: Police in Dhone town of Kurnool dist is creating awareness among people by hiring local artists & dressing them up as Yamraj, Chitragupta and #Coronavirus . The artists, along with Police, go around the town, making announcements, to make people stay inside houses.

Mumbai: Western Railway, with Railway Protection Force (RPF), is creating an awareness among people about the dangers of trespassing & crossing railway lines. A man costumed as ‘Yamraj’ is providing safety awareness info to people & intervening to stop them from walking on tracks

Happy to announce my association with and . Was good fun playing a new-age Yamraj ? Your thoughts?

Lord Yamraj on Bengaluru roads to teach importance of helmet, see pics READ:

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