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Check out this special edition on official app of Xinhua to see #WhatPresidentXiSays  at the opening ceremony of the 17th China-ASEAN Expo and China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit

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Friedrich Engels' 200th birth anniversary - the "second fiddle" who shines on: Marx and Engels' insights could well shed much light on the future path the world needs to embark on at a time of profound uncertainty. xinhua headlines'>Read Xinhua Headlines:

Xinhua Headlines: China launched a spacecraft to collect and return moon samples, a mission that is the first of its kind in the country's aerospace history and will help lay an important foundation for future exploration

RCEP "step in right direction," multilateralism to be biggest winner: Swiss economist - Xinhua | - Xinhua

Breaking: Chinese President Xi Jinping has sent a congratulatory message to President-elect Biden. "Promoting the healthy and stable development of China-US relations the fundamental interests of both peoples,” state-run Xinhua news quoted Xi as saying.

In a congratulatory message, Mr. Xi told Mr. Biden that “healthy and stable” relations were “the common expectation of the international community,” according to a statement carried by the official Xinhua News Agency.

In his congratulatory message to Biden, Xi said healthy ties between the world's 2 biggest economies were not only in the fundamental interests of their 2 peoples but also expected by the international community, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

(Reuters) - China's President Xi Jinping on Wednesday congratulated Joe Biden on winning the U.S. presidential election, expressing hope the two countries could promote the healthy and stable development of bilateral relations, the official Xinhua news agency reported.


Check out this special edition on official app of Xinhua to see #WhatPresidentXiSays  at a gathering to honor model workers and exemplary individuals

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World's first #AI  news anchor debuts, jointly developed by Xinhua and Chinese search engine company .

Xinhua's first English#AI  anchor makes debut at the World Internet Conference that opens in Wuzhen, China Wednesday

Kris Wu makes history as the first Chinese artist to perform at the #SuperBowl  (video via Xinhua)

China lawmakers review draft of Hong Kong national security bill - Xinhua

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Highly troubling propaganda that would make Orwell blush. Chinese state news agency Xinhua editorial declares, ”We should say righteously that the U.S. owes China an apology, the world owes China a thank you.” US media shouldn’t parrot this BS mindlessly.

Doctor Liang Wudong at the ENT department of xinhua hospital'>Hubei Xinhua Hospital who had been at the front line fighting against #nCoV2019  in Wuhan, died from the virus on Sat at the age of 62. #RIP 

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Liang Wudong, a doctor at xinhua hospital'>Hubei Xinhua Hospital who had been at the front line of the #CoronavirusOutbreak  battle in Wuhan, dies from the virus at age 62.

Xinhua exclusive photos taken in Beijing bring you a once-in-a-blue-moon view! (Photos by Jiang Yan) #supermoon 

China decides to end decades-long one-child policy, Xinhua news agency reports