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The landlord who evicted a family with 6 children from their 9th ward home wrote a literal book on making money off of people in need of affordable housing.

In 1976, Harry Crews visited the L.L. Bean store in Freeport, Maine and wrote about it for Esquire and (though it’s casually sexist as nearly all his writing) I wiped tears from my eyes laughing at a couple bits via @jafine21 

"We are wrapping it up. We appreciate everyone that has been a part of Brillo, over the years. It’s been a great ride, but it’s time to move on. We love you all,” Brillobox owners wrote in a Facebook post on Monday.

I just love that the Heat had a guy who played 161 minutes last season & told him to shoot every ****ing time he touches the ball. Wrote about how Duncan Robinson scares the **** of opposing defenses here:

Adweek's @ScottNover  has been covering each of TikTok’s twists and turns over the past few weeks—and wrote an excellent analysis of whether a president even can ban an app—which he discusses in a bonus episode of Yeah That’s Probably an Ad.

Three men stranded on a remote Pacific island wrote a huge SOS in the sand, and it worked

@MightyCasey  @judithconsultGonzo  journalism! Fear and loathing in RVA! Circa ‘91 there was a pre-Web thread where I wrote “When your eyes are bloodshot at 8am & you’re standing at LAX Customs with a Russian cab driver, you tend to disguise your attitude problems.” Right @ElyseOz ? @Thom_Hartmann 

I had some J-school profs who told me I wrote with “too much voice.”

‘I Googled what the ingredients are for red dye and, in my rush maybe, I wrote down these ingredients but it turned out it was from a video game … something to do with Zelda the Queen of the Forest or something’

Yeah I only wrote 900 words today but it was all about dicks


Most relevant

Been workin in the studio, wanted to share this song I just wrote with u guys. thank you for always being there

And remember if it’s by one direction and it’s a banger I probably wrote on it ? #8YearofOneDirection 

I wrote out some thoughts on how to make this moment a real turning point to bring about real change––and pulled together some resources to help young activists sustain the momentum by channeling their energy into concrete action.

Just wanted to thank everyone for their lovely words over the past couple of weeks. Back in the studio today to vocal something I wrote a few months ago. Sending you all loads of love x

I saw my father singing along tonight to a song I wrote in my bedroom when I was 15. Thankyou for giving me a chance to make him proud.

Just a reminder that when Shakespeare was quarantined because of the plague, he wroteKing Lear.

I think is a great Spider-Man. He is the exact height and age I envisioned when I first wrote Spider-Man. Spidey was never supposed to be too large. How is my friend Tom doing?

3 days to go ! Here is one I wrote that means a lot to me! 

Simply the funniest story I've read to date clearly the person who wrote this has never experienced friendly banter in their life

Not true, @realDonaldTrump . I wrote to you more than 600 days ago demanding answers after you fired the entire White House pandemic team.